Obama’s Deployment of the FBI As A Political Weapon

November 2, 2017

In his recent description of the Democrat Party socialist plot to overthrow the constitutionally-elected government of President Trump, Patrick Buchanan ends his column by stating, “The real indictment here is of the American political system, and the true tragedy is the decline of the Old Republic.” (The Bipartisan Plot to Bring Down Trump, NewsMax).

Buchanan’s analysis is an accurate description of the left’s intent to subvert the American culture, but he fails to offer a strategy for citizens to reclaim their government and culture from the totalitarian socialists.

His analysis would be stronger if he went a step further and placed his analysis into the broad philosophical framework of the left’s concept of the constitutional public purpose.

In their collective mental derangement, deploying the FBI as a political weapon to advance global socialism is part of the socialist definition of the constitutional public purpose.

Only by providing citizens an insight into the collective mental derangement of the Democrat Party socialists, will natural rights conservatives begin to understand the absolute irreconcilability between the “Old Republic” version of the public purpose and the left’s quest to impose a socialist dictatorship.

The nation is divided between 64 million voters who voted for Trump and 65 million socialist voters who voted for Hillary. It is incumbent on conservative columnists, like Buchanan and Mark Levin, to offer strategies that will vanquish the socialists.

Natural rights conservatives do not share any constitutional values in common with socialists, and nothing binds the two factions together in a common national mission.

The latin term for constitutional public purpose is Res Publica, or loosely translated, the public values that hold common citizens united in a democratic representative republic.

The first historical application of Res Publica, that eventually was codified by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, was stated in 1610:

“There is nothing which we hold more dear and precious than this, to be guided and governed by the certain rule of law and not be subjected to any uncertain and arbitrary form of government.”

Part of the irreconcilable difference about Res Publica is based in the difference in how the socialists think and reason. The end goal of their form of logic is not truth, but demonstrating allegiance to their religion.

It does not matter if the topic is the assumed prior guilt of the Duke lacrosse players, or the presumed guilt of Trump in committing an impeachable offense.

Truth for them is showing extreme allegiance to their religion, and the more intensely they demonstrate allegiance, the more “truth” of the proposition.

Part of the difference is based upon the absolute difference in how the socialist logic is used as an instrument to redefine the public purpose of government.

Senator Chuck Grassley gets at part of the irresolvable difference between the Res Publica of a natural rights republic and the public purpose of a socialist dictatorship.

“The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele ($170,000), to investigate the Republican nominee for president in the run-up to the election raises questions about the FBI’s independence from politics, as well as the Obama administration’s use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political ends.”

Seen from Senator Grassley’s perspective of rational thought, most patriots would agree that Obama’s use of law enforcement agencies to achieve his “transformation” of America, does indeed raise questions.

Obama, and his FBI government spies, see this completely differently. From their perspective, logic dictates that they show extreme loyalty and fidelity to the promoting the cause of socialism.

For example, in socialism, rationality is defined as a collectivist religious belief in the values of the commune, or social group. Their religion begins with a shared collective belief that America is an evil empire, primarily because of the sin of slavery.

Deploying the agents of government against the citizens serves the public purpose because the agents are attacking the racist forces of evil.

Socialists do not believe in individual rationality because their starting assumption denies the reality of an “individual.” In socialist ideology, individuals only exist as a part of their membership in an oppressed collectivist group.

Part of the socialist collective group think is that all members of an aggrieved identity group think and act alike.

Prior to the election of Obama, American citizens shared a widely-held common definition about truth, reality, and rationality. The common definition of truth and objectivity was rooted in Western Civilization traditions of scientific realism and empirical observation.

That tradition had gained wide-spread social acceptance because it was taught in public schools and universities for 200 years.

The argument about the irreconcilable differences between socialism and freedom can best be seen by contrasting the force in society that compels obedience to the rule of law in each cultural value system.

The philosophical end goal of the rule of law for socialists, is a political and legal system of social justice, whose goals can vary, arbitrarily, from time to time, because the socialists do not reason with moral right and wrong rationality, but with their allegiance to social justice.

Guilt or innocence is not an objective fact, to be determined on a case by case basis. Rather, Trump is guilty because of his gender and the color of his skin.

The force that compels obedience to the rule of law in socialism is police enforcement of strict adherence to what the elites in the vanguard socialist political party determine it to be, at any moment in time.

In contrast, the tradition of western scientific reason, rationality is a condition in the individual human brain, and all human brains are considered capable of defining life’s sovereign path, or, taking action that is in the best interests of the individual.

Acting upon truth is the defining mental characteristic of individual “rationality.”

Seeking and acting on the truth defines “rationality” in the natural rights constitutional contract.

For example, the reason that American citizens have the right of trial by jury, and are innocent until proven guilty, is based in the observable fact that a jury of 12 independent citizens would see the facts and rule upon the facts.

The force that compels obedience to the rule of law in the natural rights republic is voluntary compliance, based upon the shared belief that all citizens will be treated fairly because all citizens have equal rights under the law.

The two values, individual liberty and global socialism, are irreconcilably opposed and can not co-exist in the same geographical space, under a common government. Police state enforcement is incompatible with voluntary compliance.

The two ideologies do not share any values in common because there is no “public thing” in America.

John Adams explained the Res Publica of liberty as a “public spiritedness as the only Foundation of the Republic.”

Adams said:

“There must be a positive Passion for the public good…established in the Minds of the People, or there can be no Republican Government, nor any real liberty… Men must be ready, they must take pride in themselves, and be willing to sacrifice their private Pleasure, Passions and Interest.”

The positive passion for the public good of Obama’s socialism is anti-Americanism, and resistance to a constitutionally-elected government.

The socialists are engaged in what Victor Davis Hansen calls a “slow-moving coup d’estat, which includes organized violence and political assassination.

Hansen recently explained that socialist group think absolves individual socialists of personal responsibility for deploying the agents of government against the citizens.

In his article, “The Advantages of Liberal Insurance,” he states:

“The more fervently progressives seek to redistribute income, or use diversity quotas to ensure proportional representation in hiring and admissions, or suspend constitutional free speech and due process to suppress individualism, the more likely that socialist elites will risk being exposed or convicted as illiberal…Thus they will seek exemptions from the consequences of their own liberal causes — and if trapped without an exit, (for example, in committing pedophilia or raping interns), they will turn to liberal penance or use cash to seek an indulgence.”

To extend Hansen’s analysis, it would not matter to leftists what the objective facts of a proposition may be. They absolve themselves from personal responsibility for undermining the rule of law.

For them, showing extreme allegiance to the guilt of the Duke Lacrosse players, the veracity of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” or the deep conviction that Hillary lost because Trump colluded with Putin is their form of collective truth.

The truth of their reality rests in how many other socialists demonstrate extreme allegiance to their socialist religion.

The danger of Mueller’s investigation is not that Mueller may indict Trump. The danger is that in their concept of the rule of law, Trump is already guilty because he is a white male who defeat Hillary.

Not innocent until proven guilty, but guilty before the fact.

And, in their concept of Res Publica, Trump must be punished for his transgression of beating Hillary, even when it means subverting a constitutionally-elected government.

The socialists in the Democrat Party are anti-American traitors to the cause of individual liberty. For way too long, conservatives have extended to them the civil treatment that they are entitled to their natural rights, as citizens.

Socialists should be treated exactly as they treat conservatives, with contempt and ridicule, because their concept of Res Publica is to deploy the FBI in order to destroy the natural rights of the 63 million voters, who voted for Trump.

The solution to the constitutional crisis is a civil dissolution of the nation, and the creation of the new socialist state of California, that embraces open borders and unchecked multi-cultural diversity.

Laurie Thomas Vass is the CEO of The Citizens Liberty Party. Her daily commentary is available at the website. Membership in the new party is also available on the website for an annual fee of $25.